Femmepire Records: Profesh Lez Trish Bendix

Femmepire Records is a series of interviews on femme identity. Click here for the elevator pitch and first interview.

Here's Trish Bendix, managing editor of AfterEllen:

What prompts you to present the way you do? Is it something you consciously think about?

It's interesting because the way I present myself has shifted a lot in my 28 years. A lot of it has to do with how I feel about my body and how comfortable I feel actually wearing the things I want to. I often feel overdressed but I love skirts, dresses and heels. I like getting dolled up. Why do I? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I work at home, so I sit in yoga pants all day. When I finally get to leave the house, I'm ready to look presentable and give myself some physical self-confidence. But my wife and I are the same height and she doesn't like when I wear heels, so I frequently stick with flats. But just this last weekend, I bought a pair of booties and felt so sexy in them that I was like “Sorry wife!” Sometimes you just want to feel good, even if you're making your wife look like Tom Cruise to your Nicole Kidman.

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