Femmepire Records: Sisyphus, Barbie, and the National Femme Authentication Bureau

Femmepire Records is a series of interviews on femme identity. Click here for the elevator pitch and first interview.

Here's Sarah Terez Rosenblum:

In a few words, define femme.

I don't have some boundary-pushing definition to offer (like “femme” plays with conventional feminine trappings or “femme” is performance) mainly because femme isn't something I consciously cultivate — it's what I naturally am. “Naturally,” of course, is a loaded word. Is it natural for chicks to prefer pink? Unlikely. But no matter how many wooden toys, primary colors, and corduroy pants my mother foisted on me, I longed for Barbies, a pink room, and lacy dresses. And I still do.

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