Fierce Femmes Dance About Our Dystopian Present: Dance Brigade's Hemorrhage

This Saturday anti-abortion activists descended like so many locusts on Market Street, waving banners and yellow balloons in a mystifying display of out-of-town folk looking neither for the boat to Alcatraz nor the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. Our fair city, ranked fourth “most godless” in America, responded with a collective eye-roll and tweeted about the inconvenience of the traffic snarl.

All should have the right to the peaceful assertion of their beliefs, but to really change minds, a protest should engage the public — maybe even entertain — shouldn't it? Krissy Keefer, director and choreographer of Dance Brigade, now in its thirtieth year of activist dance dramas in the Bay Area, seems to think so, because her latest work, Hemorrhage: An Ablution of Hope and Despair, on view at Dance Mission Theater January 24-February 8, fires up the stage with ferocious dancing, powerful percussion, self-conscious humor, and a set so visually arresting, the sight of it alone is worth the price of admission.

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