Five Tips for Taking Less-Crappy Digital Photos

We don't really get a summer in San Francisco, but we do get several months when it doesn't rain and the sun lasts, well, at least until the fog comes in. Nonetheless, there's lots of light, and light means good conditions for digital photography — and this time of year we have more things to shoot, such as sporting events, weddings, and so on. It's also when most of us travel for pleasure and generally spend more time outdoors.

And hey, look, there's a three-day weekend upon us and no precipitation in the forecast. Seems like a good time to learn a thing or two about that million-megapixel thing you picked up on eBay and haven't learned how to use yet. For help, we turn to Josh Anon, who works with the aptly named Digital Photo Academy. He has a five-point “starter kit” of basic things to know about making your shots hit their creative target.

Take it away, Josh:

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