Flying Furniture: Brian Goggin's Art Piece Defenestration Evicted

Brian Goggin's art is iconic, internationally recognized, and purely San Franciscan in its entirety. The San Francisco-based artist crafts his high-flying pieces, ranging from flapping books to plummeting pianos — each piece fusing with existing edifices and structures.

But even though his public art pieces can be considered unofficial monuments to the Foggy City, Defenestration, one of his most famous installations that features flung furniture flying outside the walls of the now closed Hugo Hotel, is getting tossed out of the window by the City to make room for affordable housing.

The temporary installation that lasted for 17 years, checked out of the Hugo Hotel June 3, as the City of San Francisco plans to demolish the decaying building. Goggin's work was moved to Varnish Fine Art Gallery in the meantime where it is up for sale to collectors and art enthusiasts.

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