Forget Men in Black III — Rediscover these Strange, Forgotten S.F. Classics

For a few years now, the Warner Archive Collection has been a key destination for even the most jaded cinephile. Warner Brothers' burn-on-demand DVD service offers up a massive repository of strange, overlooked, or otherwise forgotten films. With a new batch of releases each week and every genre and decade in film history represented, fans are guaranteed to discover at least a few “new” unsung classics each month. Now that Warner distributes burn-on-demand discs for Sony and MGM as well, it has become an increasingly indispensable source of lost favorites and new discoveries, especially for those of us who tend to be depressed by the bulk of Hollywood's new 3D monstrosities.

San Francisco is well-represented among the films in the Warner Archive Collection. The three films discussed here were all shot on studio sets, but each of these historical thrillers is set here.

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