Gay People Love Vodka (Infographic)

Today, in news that both shocks and delights us, (no, it's not calming manatees again) comes an infographic from Target 10 on the eating, drinking, and nightlife habits of queers in comparison to straight men and women. Here are some of the highlights.

Queer people drink every kind of liquor (from cordials to sparkling wines to whiskey) more than their straight counterparts, except when it comes to beer (straight men drank beer 61 percent of the time, lesbians 59 percent, gay men 43 percent, and straight women only when watching Bravo. Just kidding, it's actually 34 percent). Also learned: The stereotype is true, lesbians do really love beer more than any other adult beverage (59 percent), followed by wine (51 percent), and then vodka (44 percent). For gay men, the top three beverages of choice were wine (47 percent), vodka (45 percent), and then beer (43 percent).

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