George R.R. Martin Talks About A Dance with Dragons, Chess, and Fandom

George R.R. Martin is the author of the epic fantasy novels known collectively as A Song of Ice and Fire. The series began with the 1996 publication of A Game of Thrones, a book that slowly built a devoted readership. The series became a blockbuster, and A Game of Thrones has been adapted into a lavish HBO spectacle that recently concluded its first season.

Martin's latest is A Dance with Dragons, the series' fifth novel. It comes out six years after its predecessor, A Feast for Crows — a gap that has rankled some fans. But those who protest remain the minority, for series' fandom is enormous and affectionate. It could be argued that A Dance with Dragons is the book of the year, and its debut tomorrow, July 12, will be greeted by the faithful at midnight release parties aplenty.

Martin (or GRRM, as he's known by his fans) is set to appear at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City on July 27 — the only Northern California stop on his book tour. The event is sponsored by Kepler's Books in Menlo Park. We recently spoke with Martin as he was preparing to depart for his tour.

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