“Gidion's Knot” at the Aurora Theatre Deals with Unconditional Love

When Johnna Adams wrote “The Sacred Geometry of S&M Porn,” her father insisted on coming to Orange County to see it. He sat through the onstage nudity, the simulated sex scenes, and through an actor sitting in his lap and pulling his beard. And he was totally supportive about it.

“For him, I think it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world,” Adams said. “As time went on, every time he talks about the play it gets better. Now the way he tells it, it's a masterpiece, and if I die tomorrow, this play is my legacy that he's going to champion.”

That was the genesis for Adams' latest play, “Gidion's Knot”: At a parent/teacher conference, a mother wants to know why her son was suspended from 5th grade. The play develops a little like a mystery — was the son a bully? A victim?

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