Go See Some Comedy: Chris Garcia & Mike E Winfield

This week's theme is Local Boys Made Good. Get your comedy over with on a weeknight so you can free up your weekend for helping your friend move to Oakland.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, go to the Punchline for Chris Garcia's album taping for A Special Thing Records. This is Chris's first album. We started together in the open mics and did probably hundreds of shows together when we were coming up. Chris is one of the founders of The Business, and during his long residency at the Dark Room, he evolved a standup style that is both personal and punchy. He'll tell long, sweet, often sad stories about his Cuban immigrant family and his dad's Alzheimer's, and then jump into big, undeniable jokes. It's gotten him to This American Life, which is like heaven for San Franciscans.

On Thursday, Mike E. Winfield will be at Cobb's. Mike came up in Sacramento and leapt from that sleepy retrograde backwater to doing standup on Letterman and the regular cast of The Office.

Also, here's a sneak peak: in December I'll be at the Punchline with Moshe Kasher and at Doc's Lab with Todd Glass. 

Nato Green is a San Francisco-based comedian and writer. His comedy recommendations appear on FSFSF on KALW 91.7fm public radio at 4:45pm on Tuesdays, and he performs on Saturdays at Cynic Cave. Send gift certificates for tacos to @natogreen on Twitter.

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