Go See Some Comedy: Greg Behrendt, Emily Heller, and More

It's the week of Thanksgiving. If you're a regular person, that means you're enjoying some time off work and cooking. Or protesting Black Friday. Hopefully, not trampling a Walmart employee to death.

Holiday weeks are great weeks for comedy in San Francisco, because great comedians from here come home to see their families. That's what's up this week.

[jump] On Tuesday, go see Pleasant Hill's own Sean Keane headline the Punchline. Sean dominated San Francisco comedy for years before moving to L.A. last year to work on the Comedy Central show Another Period. He's a joke-writing savant, and his comedy is smart, insightful, literate, and hilarious. Go see what he has to say now.

On Wednesday, go see Al Madrigal at the Punchline. Al is a San Francisco native who is most known as a Daily Show correspondent, but his standup is amazing. When Al talks about parenting, race, marriage, or anything else, he uses all the tools in the comedy toolbox. He's taping a new album at this show, so go support.

Wednesday through Sunday (except the holiday), Marin native Greg Behrendt will be at Cobb's Comedy Club. I watched him climb the ranks of San Francisco standup before he launched into L.A. to be on Mr. Show. This year, he was diagnosed with cancer and is just coming out of treatment to return to performing. Greg's jokes are the kind that stick in my head for years and years, so I'm excited to see how he talks about it onstage.

Finally, on Saturday, go to Lost Weekend Video. The regular Saturday Cynic Cave show welcomes back Alameda native Emily Heller and Danville native Dave Thomason. Dave is a great standup who now works for @midnight on Comedy Central. Emily just released her first comedy album with Kill Rock Stars records. Emily is an unstoppable comedy force, so get on the bus while you can.

Nato Green is a San Francisco-based comedian and writer, who receives your adulation @natogreen. Listen to these recommendations on KALW 91.7FM every Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. for fsfsf.

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