Happy Anniversary to S.F. Street Fashion

Last year, I asked an editor if I could write a street fashion post about Pride. I didn't have a decent camera and I was painfully shy when it came to approaching strangers, neither of which lent themselves to being a street photographer. But I did — and do — love seeing people co-opt clothing and infuse it with their own personal style.

Although I've upgraded my camera, I'm still the same awkward person that I was last June, who gets a surge of anxious adrenaline when she goes out to take pictures. It's hard for me to believe this blog is now a year old — that the extremely supportive editorial staff at SF Weekly has let me keep writing it, that S.F.'s lovely fashionistas keep letting me photograph them on the street, and that you keep reading it. I'll try not to get misty-eyed and ramble on forever; after all, we have a year's worth of fashion to look at! But I will wholeheartedly say this: Thank you.

Without further ado, here is a roundup of my favorite photos and fashion trends from the year:

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