Head to the Headlands Center for the Arts Sunday for 'Breaking Ranks'

We know it takes an act of Congress to get most San Franciscans to leave the city for anything short of a wedding or vacation. So to encourage the broadening of geographic as well as artistic and cultural horizons, we'll periodically recommend things in other locales. This first one is close by — the Marin Headlands, which includes spots where you can view the city in case you get a bit nervous about being away. But Sunday's event also includes performance art in a latrine. We call that a good trade-off.

–Keith Bowers

The Dark Days. That's how the staff at Headlands Center for the Arts refers to wintertime, when it's too cold in their buildings and the electricity too unreliable to host any artists in residence. However, signs of life are beginning to return to the Marin Headlands, particularly in the form of the group exhibition “Breaking Ranks: Human/Nature.” On Sunday the visual component of the show will be supplemented with a program of readings and performance art that are ample reasons to cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

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