Heaven for Film Buffs? Trailers from Hell!

Three days a week, the website Trailers From Hell offers up a trailer for an older film along with a new commentary by a moviemaker who loves it. Called “Gurus” because that's totally what they are, the three dozen-ish commentators include site founder Joe Dante (director of Matinee and Gremlins) and contemporaries such as John Landis, along with younger kids like Eli Roth and the e'er-adorable Edgar Wright.

Hell has sent more than 600 trailers so far, and Dante's commentary on The Angry Red Planet is a great place to start. His love for the art of movies as well as trailers — even when one or both are, shall we say, artless — is palpable, infectious, and shared by all the Gurus.

Let's look at more of my favorites!

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