Hey, Occupy SF! We've Located the 1% for You

We'll preface this with a big dose of “We're just sayin',” but we learned today about an event happening Friday called the 1% Singles Ball. Yes, they mean that 1%.

“Meet wealthy singles at Nob Hill's most luxurious hotel,” says the press release from the Society of Single Professionals. It refers to the Stanford Court Renaissance Hotel, which “resides on the land where Leland Stanford built his lavish mansion on The Hill of Palaces.”

Time magazine wrote a story about this organization and its drive to promote events “catering exclusively to the very rich” — the richest 1%, as it were, and the counterweight to Occupy's 99%. Read the story here, and we bet you'll say “Really?” just like we did.

Why do the 1% need their own events? Because they're lonely and afraid, according to the organizers.

“The 1% live in constant fear that their money will attract gold diggers, seeking to enrich themselves,” states a press release from the group. The events “will be opportunities for the wealthy to comfortably meet people on their own level, so they can feel more confident that the attraction is romantic rather than financial.”

What's weird about this? Let's reflect.

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