Highly Scientific Study Confirms California Is a Dog State

Dogs and cats, living together: mass hysteria!

For some peculiar reason, the House of Representatives voted this week to ban the eating of dogs and cats. (Was this in response to a pet-consumption crisis we didn’t know about?) Although one branch of the federal government showed equal love for the two most popular types of companion animals, a study sourced by the American Veterinary Association gives us a state-by-state breakdown of who loves cats more and who prefers dogs.

California, it turns out, is a dog state — but only barely.

Technically, what this chart analyzes is the number of households with a cat versus the number with a dog. (The code is there, for people can read that stuff.) If you have more than one dog or more than one cat, that won’t affect the outcome. Nor would having both a cat and a dog. Even if you’re that guy who goes around S.F. with a rat on a cat on a dog, it won’t skew the results, either.

So what do we learn from this data? Cat-only homes are most prevalent in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest, while dog-only homes are most strongly a phenomenon of the South and the interior West. California is pretty close to even — but if you want to attribute that to our enormous population causing a reversion to the mean, think again, because sparsely populated Wyoming is right there with us.

But then again, San Francisco does in fact have more dogs than children, so we probably knew these results already.

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