House Is Raw Material and Venue for Art Installation “3020 Laguna in Exitum”

Highlight Gallery unveiled its latest ambitious exhibition over the weekend. The gallery typically exhibits international artists, yet this current project is closer to home — in every sense of the phrase. The project, “3020 Laguna in Exitum,” is a site-specific installation located at — and created from — the house at the eponymous address.

The single-family residence, which has stood in Cow Hollow for 150 years, has recently been declared structurally unstable and will be demolished within the next two months. Rather than see the house go directly to the scrap heap, gallery founder and director Amir Mortazavi invited local artists Andy Vogt, Chris Fraser, Christine Peterson, Gareth Spor, Jeremiah Barber, Jesse Schlesinger, Jonathan Runcio, Randy Colosky, and Yulia Pinkusevich to use only the materials they found inside to create artwork.

“I wanted to give artists an alternative space to work in,” Mortazavi says of the project space. “The work that was created at this project was only manifested once the artists saw the space, chose their room, and came up with a concept. This is in contrast to the traditional ways galleries work, where the artist creates a work in the studio and then brings it into a gallery environment.”

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