How Many Murals Does Juanita MORE! Need?

Four. The answer is four. This one's by Serge Gay Jr. and it's outside the new SPARC dispensary in the Mission.

San Francisco is a street art kind of town. But not everyone has an image of themselves on a wall somewhere — let alone more than one. Those of us in the three-murals-and-fewer community may be experiencing a twinge of jealousy, as drag queen, philanthropist, and all-around sensation Juanita MORE! is about to get a fourth mural.

Painted by Serge Gay Jr., this one’s outside the revived Love Shack by SPARC at 502 14th St., in the Mission. The new medical cannabis cooperative is the follow-up to a famed dispensary that Chris Montana first opened in 2002 as one of very few places that permitted on-site consumption before California legalized adult-used cannabis early last year.


Gay’s mural joins the three existing JM works, two of which include her French bulldog, Jackson. According to the handy Juanita MORE! Mural Project website, they’re in SoMa (Elliott C. Nathan‘s Loads of Love at the Powerhouse), the Castro (by J. Manuel Carmona, outside Unionmade), and the Polk (another by Gay, on the exterior of Lush Lounge at Fern and Polk streets).

As the Mural Project site states, “Juanita MORE! and SPARC have a long history of collaborations including a vinyl release in 2018 with proceeds benefiting TRUTH — (TRans yoUTH), a joint program between Transgender Law Center and GSA Network as a part of her annual Pride event.” Only yesterday, that organization created a minute-and-a-half long video thanking MORE! for the $75,000 her two 2018 Pride parties raised.

Trans Youth TRUTH – Thanks Juanita MORE from Juanita More on Vimeo.

Having recently left Jones, the restaurant in the Tenderloin she ran for eight months, MORE! is scouting around the city for new projects and spaces. We will keep you updated on what’s next with S.F.’s most visually well-represented queen.

Serge Gay Jr.’s Juanita MORE! mural, outside Love Shack by SPARC, 502 14th St.

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