How to Navigate Crazy Co-workers Online

I mistakenly added some backstabbing beeyatches from my job as friends on my Facebook page. One eased my burden by defriending me (very unceremoniously, I may add) and I have now defriended AND blocked all three, the last two by association to the first. Was this the right call? I behaved rashly, I know, but sometimes my instincts are right on the money.

~Jilted at Job

The defriending and blocking combo may have been a bit of an overkill there, Courtney Love. Unless they literally stabbed you in the back, then that would have been a justifiable response. I understand the impulse, though. It's rather exhilarating to be able to eradicate someone's e-xistence with a mere click. If only that were true for other blights on mankind, like concept mustaches, HIV, or Steven Seagal's energy drink.


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