Huell Howser Ends California's Gold to the Sadness of Comedians, Cartoons, and People Who Find Stuff “Amazing”

The last sincere man on television is going off the air.

Huell Howser, the relentlessly curious creator and host of PBS travel show California's Gold, will be making no new episodes, it was reported.

Howser, known for his outgoing persona and complete lack of irony, issued no public statement regarding the end of his two decades on public television. The Los Angeles Times mentions rumors of illness, but also that PBS and Howser's home station, LA's KCET, went their separate ways a few years ago, and so perhaps the decision to end the show was a budgetary one. Regardless, it means an end to the most childlike exploration of the state of California ever to be committed to a medium.

Howser's exclamations of “Oh my gosh” and “That's amazing!” will live on in syndication, though, and also, as the Tennessee native says, “Ah-Tunes.”

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