Humans Take Over S.F. Parking Spaces: Mad Men Offices, Petting Zoos, and Free Spaghetti

It was business as usual for Will Godfrey. Well, except that his office was in a parking spot on Sansome Street, had no roof, and looked like it had been lifted straight from the set of Mad Men.

“You can sit down,” he said, gesturing to the modern red and orange chairs surrounding him.

Work outside on a sunny Friday morning in a 1960s office space? Who was spying on our dreams and turning them into reality? Woody Allen, is that you?

Alas, this was not the San Francisco version of Midnight in Paris. Rather, throughout the city and the nation today, people are celebrating PARK(ing) Day by converting metered parking spaces into parks, offices, or whatever they desire — as long as it is within legal limits and gets the community to rethink what can be done with urban space.

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