I AM YOUR QUEEN: Terri Twatwaffle

Welcome to I AM YOUR QUEEN, a Pride Month shebeen at the Exhibitionist where we ask San Francisco's most outspoken drag personae to give us their unfiltered opinions about bitches. We don't necessarily ask that specifically, but sometimes, that's what we get.

“Because I frequently preform in a glowing space helmet and/or fly up into the crowd with nine-foot-long dresses, I have coined myself 'The Original Flying Drag Astro-Twat', ” says Terri Twatwaffle, the barely year-0ld queen who nonetheless already hosts her own show at Oasis.

Check it out in the video below, and for details on the time she smeared blood over a picture of Jeffrey Dahmer.

What name(s) do you perform under?
Terri Twatwaffle

Where do you perform?
Everywhere, really. My stalkers hang around The Monster Show in the Castro, and Mother at Oasis. That is where you are most likely to catch a sighting. I also host a monthly show on the 1st Saturday ever month at Oasis in The Fez Room called Daughter. It is San Francisco’s premier showcase of new queens, and it happens before and after Mother on the main stage. Get it? (Mother, Daughter). It's free with your Mother general admission.

How long have you done drag?
I was born on Easter 2015 on the Mothership to Reno.

Does Terri Twatwaffle have a back story?
I came into my own when I started performing at the Monster Show. The second time, I smeared blood all over pictures of JFK, Princess Diana, Jeffrey Dahmer  and then myself. It set the crowd into a frenzy, and suddenly my character was realized. I felt bad about it for a few weeks. I have been doing similar performances and trying to come to terms with them ever since.

Do you have a theater/performance background?
Life is theater of the absurd, on the largest stage. We are all constantly performing … so, yeah.

Is realness important to you? Genderfuck? Something else?
Holy crap with these questions. What is reality? I don’t think any of us live in it. Questioning reality is very important to me. When I perform, I want the audience to consider an alternate reality. I want them to go home slightly inspired. I want them to consider taking just a small step outside of their box. Because the “reality” we all live in today is fucked. It’s not going to change till we all have the courage to step out of it together.

When you were starting out, what was the biggest hurdle?
Bitches. Bitchy queens who want you to feel small. Bitchy queens who want you to be intimidated. Bitchy queens who don’t want to see you succeed because you don’t kiss their ass. Bitchy queens who try to use their power and influence to control you. A huge part of the humor of drag is being a shady bitch, but I had a hard time deciphering who was being funny and who was just a bitch. I know who’s who now. They are constantly testing your confidence, trying to slide one in on you, and chip away at your armor. I’d like to take this opportunity to say to all of them: You know who you are. Look at me now. Thanks for reading my article. Fuck you.

What do you love most about drag?
Bitches. No, not really. What I love most about drag is that there are no rules. It is a very pure form of theater in that sense. You can do pretty much whatever you want. You don’t have to follow anybody’s script. It is very free flowing and creative, top to bottom … Power bottom.

Assuming she is among us, does your mother know?
Yeah, she doesn’t get it. She tries to play along, but I can tell deep down she does not like it.

Have you had any trouble with Facebook's “real” names policy?
Yes, it will not let me spell my name the way I want. My name is Twatwaffle but face book does not allow that. It makes it hard for my friends to find me and connect, which is annoying because that is the point of Facebook.

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