Imagine: A Gay Man Living With Two Women! Three's Company Live! Hits Oasis

One of the best bars in SoMA is the Fez Room at Oasis — unless the Regal Beagle opens in its stead. 

Starting Feb. 25, Oasis will stage a line-by-line drag re-enactment of the one of the most ridiculously hetero-campy sitcoms of all time. Three's Company Live! runs for 12 performances, highlighting the idiocy of Chrissy Snow (D'Arcy Drollinger), the perpetual state of nonplussed-ness that Janet Wood (Heklina) is in, and the failed attempts of one Jack Tripper (Adam Roy) at getting a respectable $30/night gig in a kitchen. It'll be worth riding a bike into the sand for.

Don't expect Mr. Furley, though, because these episodes are all about the Ropers (played, in a role reversal, by Matthew Martin and Sara Moore). In true let's-put-on-a-show style, Oasis is good at doing a lot with minimal set design, so expect some potted plants, an ugly couch, and a whole lot of oversexed middle-aged Helen Roper in muu-muus. Because the premise concerns a straight (and rather horny) man pretending to be gay, Drollinger's adaptation doesn't have to work especially hard to get the fourth wall crashing down on topical humor from 38 years ago. But given this troupe's successes with Star Trek, The Golden Girls, and Sex in the City, it's all but guaranteed that this will be way more hilarious than the actual reruns.

So take a step that is new — and marvel at just how creepily sexist some of John Ritter's dialogue is while striving to comprehend what exactly about a man cohabitating with two women (in separate bedrooms) was so remarkable in late-'70s Santa Monica!

Three's Company Live!, Thursdays-Saturdays, Feb. 25-Mar. 19, 7 p.m., $25-$225, at Oasis, 298 11th St.,

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