Is Nothing Sacred? Richmond's 4-Star Theatre For Sale

In a sign that no, nothing is sacred and all is vanity, the 4-Star Theatre on Clement Street is up for sale for the not-especially-high-sounding price of $2.8 million, which is exactly 100 times the 3,640-square-foot, three-screen theater’s current rent of $28,000 per month.

[jump] The Richmond District Blog’s Sarah B. caught it, and notes that the property had actually been sold ten years ago to a church that planned to demolish and it build themselves a new house of worship. (God spared us once, but our luck may be running out.)

The 4-Star, which is currently showing Tomorrowland and Mad Max, has been there since 1913 (when it was known as the La Bonita, and Clement had a streetcar). Owned since 1990 by the same family that runs the Presidio Theater and Marina Theater, a suburban multiplex it isn’t. (If Yelp has anything to say about it, it would be called the 3 1/2-Star Theatre The screens are tiny, and with three squeaky seats to the left of the aisle and two to the right, it’s almost like watching a film aboard a 737. But the 4-Star serves its neighborhood with a lot of independent and Chinese films, and the red deco sign is a beauty, no doubt about it. Hidden gem or dinosaur, this one will be missed.

[Via the Richmond Blog]

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