Jaap Blonk's Vocal/Visual Assault Is Strange, Difficult, Silly — And Amazing

When idiots talk about wanting to de-fund the arts, Jaap Blonk is the kind of artist that they're angry about. He makes wacky sounds with his mouth and throat and gets paid for it, which could mean that he's un-American, certainly that he's elitist. To quote a comment posted on the YouTube video of Blonk's shown above, “What the hell does this provide to society? Other than nothing?”

With feedback like that, you know Blonk is on to something. (His first name, by the way, is pronounced “yop” — the guy was apparently born into funny sounds.) As part of a rare U.S. tour (he works in his native Holland), he performed Friday at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in “Soundtracks, Scores, Interactive Animations,” continuing SF Cinematheque's 2012 season. Appearing in the intimate Screening Room, Blonk shook us black-clad attendees to our esoteric cores.

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