K-Town Episode 2: Quit Trying to Make “Cha” Happen

Episode 2 begins with a quick Korean language and partying lesson from Prince Jowe. The K-Town crew divides their nights into four rounds: “Il-cha” (Round 1, Happy Hour), “Ee-cha” (Round 2, Food and Drinks), “Sam- cha” (Round 3, Pre-Gaming), and “Sa-cha” (Round 4, Main Partying). I'm very grateful for this lesson because — with my rudimentary Korean skills — I couldn't understand why Joe kept saying “Ee cha!” “Ee cha!” in Episode 1. To me, it translated as either “This car!” “This tea!” or “This Cha!” (since his last name is Cha) and I thought that perhaps Joe had some kind of uncontrollable tic. The K-Town crew is really trying to make “Cha” happen, similar to the catchphrasing of “G(ym)T(anning)L(aundry)” over at Jersey Shore.

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