K-Town Episode 8: “But I'm Chinese, I Can't Help It.”

It's finally time for the Belasco night club event that Uncle Joe has been yammering about all season, the very event that has caused a rift between him and Scarlet, as evidenced by their blowout in last week's episode. It wouldn't be a Scarlet departure without her calling Uncle Joe a douchebag and politely suggesting that he suck her dick.

Uncle Joe declares that he's no longer going to be a nice oppa (or “big brother”), refusing to take the girls' under-the-belt insults about … his carpet. But before we know it, Uncle Joe and the gang have gathered in the parking lot to stop Scarlet from taking off. In her interview we learn that she feigned bailing to get Uncle Joe to chase after her and that had he not gone for the bait, she would have snuck back into the club later to go-go dance anyway. She did, however, appreciate that he ran after her because it meant he cared about their friendship. Friendship: It's all about guilt, gullibility, and shaking your ass for free for your pal's professional gain.

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