Killing My Lobster Goes Nuclear on the Family

Chops Down the Family Tree.

San Francisco sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster turns 15 this year, and to celebrate, it launches a frontal assault on the idea of family. Killing My Lobster Chops Down the Family Tree opens tonight (Thursday, April 26) at The Jewish Theatre. Director Rana Weber's cultural jabs focus on dissecting families in a progressive society. “There's gay families and straight families, and families with no limbs,” she says. The troupe has taken multiple punches at San Francisco's quirks and flaws, and many (OK, some) locals are OK laughing at themselves. The troupe's video “The Coffee Wars” turned the microbrewing trend into a History Channel-esque episode on war between loyalists of different coffeehouses. Another Killing My Lobster viral video presents spending a free day in the city as a Twilight Zone episode — “Why Is Everybody Here?

The Exhibitionist sat down with Killing My Lobster's creative director, Andy Alabran, to hear about the hilarity of the troupe's latest show, its plans to buy its own home, and hosting a very merry Quinceanera.

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