KitTea Cafe is Coming to San Francisco and Boasts an Oasis for Humans and Cats Alike

Within the last week alone, we've seen some exciting stuff here at SF Weekly: John Dwyer's record label (Castle Face) released synth-punk Pow!'s first album; we learned Jedi's are alive and thriving in the city (but we already knew that, right?); and after nearly three months of waiting, the Mavericks Surf Competition started today.

But there is one mind-blowing new installment to the City by the Bay that is on the way — and everyone should be ecstatic about. That, my friends, would be, KitTea cafe. Yes, KitTea, as in mouse hunters, sun-spot worshippers, midnight runners, don't-touch-me-unless-I-give you-the-okay — cats.

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