La Chica Boom Explodes Saturday Night in Cabaret Lunatique's Celebrate the Mission

We love drag. We love burlesque. We know what to expect. Flashy outfits. Colors so bright they're blinding. Exposed skin. Exploration of racial, political, sexual, and gender issues. [cue loud record-scratch noise] What? Well, sure, when you're in the presence of La Chica Boom. The self-described Chican@ performance artist and community organizer uses drag, burlesque, and other stage conventions to blow these issues to smithereens (or, as she puts it, “destabilize white heteropatriarchy”). She's fisted a piñata. She's worn a shiny purple coin-shaped costume labeled “TOKEN.” (In the clip above she wears that outfit in 2009's Kaleidoscope Cabaret.) And she's a perfect fit for Saturday night's Celebrate the Mission, part of a series of late-night Teatro ZinZanni shows called Cabaret Lunatique that focus on San Francisco neighborhoods.

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