Ladies Lube Wrestling Slides Back Into Action

GoDeep lube wrestling greases back up Thursday, and you may want to oil up and hop in the ring.

We’re creaming over the news that San Francisco’s slickest and sexiest club night is back, as GoDeep lube wrestling rings in The Return of the Revenge of The Night of GoDeep Lube Wrestling Thursday night. The lubricious ladies’ wrestling event has been on a two-year hiatus, but Red Hots Burlesque promoter Dottie Lux has brought GoDeep back to defend its title at the new location Little Boxes Theater this Thursday night, Oct. 12.

“It’s half Three Stooges, half 80s glam rock,” says GoDeep co-promoter Andre Shakti, describing the event’s special combination of athletic prowess, over-the-top entertainment, and fetishistic finishing moves like scissorholds and facesitting. “What we’re doing with GoDeep Is to promote a style of wrestling that is both performative and also still really sexy and engaging on a sensual level.”

“There’s nothing that queers love more than oiled up people rubbing against each other and holding each other down,” she says.

Fans can register to rassle in the ring too, though registration for this all-ladies competition is open only to women. But the new GoDeep venue is an ideal place to squeeze out your inhibitions.

“Little Boxes is an awesome venue because It creates a speakeasy, Fight Club atmosphere that you only know about the place if you know about it, if you’ve been told about it,” says organizer Dottie Lux. It’s one of the few places you can lube-wrestle without creepers, lookie-loos, or gawkers. (Photo and video are not permitted at the event).

GoDeep has been deep-sixed since its previous runs at El Rio and supperCLUB, as Dottie Lux points out that lube wrestling is a particularly difficult event to throw.

“When the event was at El Rio the pool ruptured, expelling all of the contents all over,” she recalls, noting that organizers have since learned their lesson. “Having a backup pool is necessary.”

The event also features performances by RuPaul’s Drag Race veteran Honey Mahogany, pole dancer Alexandria, and a full card of ladies lube wresting — a card that might include you. “Whether you’re a total amatuer jumping in the ring for the first time, or whether you’ve been doing this for years,” says Shakti, who herself will take on fetish wrestling star Nikki Darling, “we’re really ensuring a fun, safe, sexy, entertaining, explosive time.”

The Return of the Revenge of The Night of GoDeep Lube Wrestling is Thursday, Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. at Little Boxes Theater (1661 Tennessee Street). Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door.

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