Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That You Need to Order Now

Seriously. We mean today.

It’s getting harder and harder to track the time — the last two weeks of March felt like a year, April resembled a never-ending anxiety dream rather than a 30-day month, and the jury’s still out on what May will shape up to be. 

In the middle of all these nebulous months come the spring holidays, and next up is Mother’s Day. Sure, you could waive this Sunday off as just another made-up, end-stage-capitalism cash-grab — but the only thing that really matters is how your mother feels about it.

In the spirit of the season, here are a few local gift options from local businesses that are a joy to give and receive, year-round. But be quick — Mother’s Day is less than a week away.

Cowgirl Creamery

Cowgirl Creamery’s Mother’s Day collection ($100) includes their signature Mt. Tam, a buttery, earthy triple-cream cheese made from Straus Family’s organic milk. It also comes with a goat milk gouda, toffee nib brittle, apricot jam, and oatcakes. Pre-order by May 6 for delivery. Alternatively, order their frittata, tart, and eclairs by May 7 for May 9 pickup.

The Plant Cafe

The Plant Cafe’s chocolate chip cookie kit ($26.99) is perfect for those swept up in the quarantine baking frenzy — especially because flour is surprisingly difficult to come by these days. If baking isn’t your thing, order their mimosa kit ($22.50). It includes orange juice, strawberry rosemary puree, and a bottle of prosecco to top everything off.

Chantal Guillon

You’d be hard-pressed to find macarons of Chantal Guillon’s quality anywhere else outside of France. Order a dozen or two macarons and some Human Tea leaves ($39.50-$70.00) from Chantal Guillon’s Mother’s Day special. You’re also welcome to choose your own assortment of macarons, though they’ll be slightly pricier. We highly recommend trying the Earl Grey, passion fruit, and salted caramel, but you really can’t go wrong. Order before May 8 for pick-up.

Photo courtesy of Chantal Guillon


Spanish tapas restaurant Canela has an extremely convenient brunch and flower bouquet duo ($49). It comes with pork breakfast sausage, French toast souffle, chocolate caramel tart, and smoked salmon — brunch classics and then some. 

Maker Wine

Maker Wine, a new company that’s joined the canned-wine trend, is offering free overnight shipping for the procrastinators. Their Mother’s Day Survival Kit ($46) includes a greeting card with a personalizable note and six cans of white wine and rosé.

The Virtual Mixologist

Avital Tours is hosting a series of hands-on, virtual Mother’s Day weekend cocktail classes. Buy one ticket and get one free for mom with the code MIXFREE4MOM.

Hoogasian Flowers

Hoogasian Flowers has some luxurious looking bouquets, and offers same-day delivery at no extra cost. But, keep in mind that they don’t deliver on Sundays, so don’t wait until May 10 to place your order. You’ll also have the option of adding wine, teddy bears, or chocolate to your bouquets.

San Francisco Florist

San Francisco Florist has all the tulips, sunflowers, and orchids you could ever dream of. They’re available for both curbside pickup and contactless delivery.

Urban Flowers

Order one of Urban Flowers’ spring arrangements for Mother’s Day. Most of their bouquets are in the more affordable price range, ranging from $45 to $75 for a collection of flourishing blooms.

Grace Z. Li covers arts, culture, and food for SF Weekly. You can reach her at or follow her on Twitter @gracezhali.

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