Lay the Smackdown on Overzealous Facebook Self-Promoters

As a blogger, I understand the importance of building an audience through inexperienced means. However, I'm becoming so irritated by bloggers who spam Facebook groups every time they write a new blog post. I'm part of a dozen or so groups for people who recover from “spiritual abuse” (abuse from churches and clergy). There are a few bloggers who spam all 12 of these groups every two days. It's so irritating. This happens with others who provide meaningful content, but one person in particular posts her newest article on at least 20 groups or pages, including mine. Can you explain the difference between contributing to a group with meaningful conversation and topics, and overwhelming a small community with useless posts? Also, can you explain the importance of bloggers developing an advertising budget to gain readers? I know some bloggers are on a budget, but they should know that spending a few dollars a week on advertising can really develop quality “likes” or followers, as opposed to people blocking them on Facebook because they spam EVERY GROUP THEY ARE PART OF.

That IS annoying. It also seems incredibly time-consuming for the poster, for very little return on investment. (Oh, look at me. all business speak-y!) Perhaps the main purposes for belonging to a Facebook group (and there are many) is to socialize around a given topic or community. It's a major faux pas to use a group in order to frequently and unabashedly promote yourself. Not everyone knows or adheres to this, however.

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