Leggy Space Blondes and a Drunk Dr. McCoy in Star Trek Live! at Oasis

Star Trek lasted only two-and-a-half seasons, but its hold on our collective conscious has never waned. Who among us didn’t think about the Enterprise’s five-year mission to explore strange new worlds upon hearing that Mars had liquid water? We’re not a warp-capable civilization yet, but while you’re waiting, head to Oasis at full-impulse power for Star Trek Live!: Mudd’s Women, a hilarious version of the classic episode directed by D’Arcy Drollinger and Laurie Bushman.

Unlike the other line-by-line drag re-enactments we have in this town (Sex and the City, The Golden Girls), Star Trek isn’t a comedy. But because it’s such rich terrain for parody, the cast has no trouble wringing laughs out of the source material, from the droll gender role reversals to Scotty mispronouncing the word “can’t” as the c-word.

Leigh Crow (the world’s only female William Shatner impersonatrix) is reliably great with her deadpan lampooning of Shatner’s erratic cadence, playing up Kirk’s slightly buffoonish swagger, while Honey Mahogany as Lt. Uhura sits there poking random buttons at her console while highlighting the retro-future’s retrograde gender politics. Being coolly dispassionate to an extreme, Spock isn’t necessarily the juiciest role to play, but Amber Sommerfeld nails it. (She probably wears less eyeshadow than Leonard Nimoy did, too.) And Zelda Koznofski holds a little rocks glass full of Romulan Ale almost the entire time she’s playing Dr. McCoy. Her half-lidded, almost Rachel Dratch-like expression as she can barely contain her boozy contempt for the goings-on wins points for subtle absurdity.

And of course, there are Mudd’s women: three leggy space-babes who may or may not make the perfect wives for lonely lithium miners. Played by Jef Valentine, Per Sia, and Jordan L’Moore, their wigs are styled as exact replicas of the original show’s, and even during the scenes where their good looks suddenly wither, those silver go-go boots go up to ya-ya.

Taking an under-30-minute show and stretching it nearly to two hours of laughs is pretty impressive, but the trivia contest hosted by Capt. Kirk just after intermission rewards fanboys who show up in Starfleet uniforms. Before you go, fall deep into a Memory Alpha rabbit hole, brush up on your Star Trek trivia, and cross this final frontier with confidence in your ability to win a drink ticket.

Star Trek Live!: Mudd’s Women, through Oct. 31, at Oasis, 298 11th St., 415-795-3180.

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