LeMay: Complete Drag

Where does one even begin in introducing oneself to what I can only assume will soon be a legion of adoring fans? That's not to say I don't have a legion already, but when you add to a legion, does it become legioner? More legion? Legionest?

Let's begin with the name, LeMay. Yes, it really is my name. It's my last name, but everyone knows nowadays that if you can't make it with just one name, you're screwed! No one can remember anything more, anyway, and when you're shouting in a noisy club or bar, you could easily introduce yourself as Albert Einstein and people would just nod and smile. When pronounced, everyone assumes it is in reference to the fabric, lamé. It's often misprinted that way, and then sadly misspelled without the accent, and we all know that without the accent … it's just lame!

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