Litquake, Day 2: San Rafael and Drivel Book Launch Party

This is part of our daily guide to the 15th annual Litquake festival, which you can read more about here. What follows is a guide to day two, Saturday, Oct. 11:

Ever so sneakily, Litquake has essentially decided to not only end the festival with a Lit Crawl but to begin with one too! San Rafael hosts programs all day long, from free donuts and travel stories in the morning to lunchtime open mics at restaurants (Indian and Cuban), a bookfair, mystery writers, romance writers, sci-fi writers, Troy Jollimore and Melissa Stein, 30 men singing the songs of Leonard Cohen in The Belrose Theatre, and… what? An afterparty that includes a cold buffet! So Marin.

In particular, whoever had the idea to put Charlie Getter, Bucky Sinister, and Zarina Zabrisky a) together b) at San Rafael City Plaza in the middle of a Saturday afternoon should be granted a genius award and fed grapes. Bravo.


Litquake's Regreturature is so funny it makes you feel like you might pee your pants. Some people definitely do. Definitely. Amazing writers brave the mic with (ahem) much earlier writing that they would otherwise be ashamed to even look at again, much less share for the sake of public hilarity. But that's the kind of event it is, and there's something special about that.

Also special is the fact that this evening is the launch party for Litquake's first book, Drivel, which collects some of these writings. Contributors who will be there: Po Bronson, Andrew Sean Greer, Tupelo Hassman, Joe Loya, Wendy MacNaughton, Joshua Mohr, Peter Orner, Julia Scott (who edited the book), and Ellen Sussman. That's insane. And DJ Toph One is spinning (Z Space, 450 Florida St., $15).

It's also worth noting that, in the program for this event, it says “early writing can just suck ass.” Motto, battle cry, national anthem.

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Enjoy these videos from the first Regreturature:

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