Lori Shantzis Exposes the Ugly Truth in Her Life Beautifully in Loved By You

Lori Shantzis' ex might not recognize the bombshell cooing “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” beneath the platinum blonde wig, but transformation is the keystone of Shantzis' one-woman burlesque show.

Loved by You tells the tale of a young girl who grew up with a first-generation Russian father, a father who had problems with drinking and bloodlust. Pets were killed. Guns were waved. Trips to Denny's were ruined. When Shantzis' mother finally left, she gave her daughter seconds to decide — and a lifetime to sort out her abandonment. The dramatic and and engaging Loved By You plays Wednesday and Thursday Brava Theater Center.

Somehow, just as comedienne Marilyn Pittman was able to broach the topic of her mother's uxoricide through humor in All the Rage, Shantzis finds redemption, compassion, and freedom in a nudge, a shimmy, and a wink. Marilyn Monroe, the patron saint of lost little girls trapped inside buxom beauties, is never far out of reach.

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