Meet the Collab: Ironing Board Collective Announces Intentions

Something happens when people commit their lives to art: They

get permission. Permission to have green hair, permission to spend instead of

saving, permission to work very hard at something the rest of the world may

think is crap. The Ironing Board Collective is made up of people with

permission — they are hyper-intelligent but don't need to prove it; several are professional writers on a day off. They are

wildly enthusiastic about fashion, all of it, whether it's an old t-shirt

someone found in a bargain bin or a pair of $1,300 Alexander McQueen snakeskin

boots at Bergdorf's. They tell dirty stories, interview anyone they want, and

cover the Bay Area fashion scene in a way no one else can. Give yourself

permission to be inspired.

By way of introduction of themselves to you, we asked the Ironing Board Collective members what they'd be doing soon, or what they'd done recently that blew their skirts up, or what they would do if they could, or what they liked about San Francisco … it was a pretty open-ended question.

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