Meet Your Neighborhood Blogger: Miquel Hudin of The Tender

San Francisco's neighborhood bloggers have emerged as super-local experts. What's the best burrito in a ten-block radius? What's about to open in that storefront that's been boarded up for years? How did last night's apartment fire broke out? The person who knows all this and more might just be that guy in front of the laptop. In this series we talk with bloggers about the good, the bad, and the yummy of the neighborhoods they call home.

Today we talk Tenderloin with Miquel Hudin of The Tender, which offers readers a “daily cut of the loin.”

Why did you start blogging about your neighborhood?

The Tenderloin really has a bad rap, and I wanted to show a different side, what's good here. It got tiring to see most media in San Francisco — whether it's dead tree, dead air, blogs — really just hating the Tenderloin. Honestly, I've lived here for about a decade, and I've never found it to be that bad. If you want to talk about the shitty part of the Tenderloin, it's about seven blocks.

So in 2009 I started writing about it and quickly realized it's not hard to write about interesting stuff in the Tenderloin. You go on a walk for a half hour and you've got enough articles for a week. I discovered early that the blog wasn't necessarily going to change the perception of the Tenderloin for the rest of San Francisco, but for the people who live here.

If you want to get to know your neighborhood better, write a blog about it. It doesn't matter whether anyone reads it, it forces you to be curious and go outside of your comfort zone. Probably 90 percent of the places I go to now I wouldn't go to unless I was writing, because it forces me to step out and see new places. It's a great personal exercise.

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