Meet Your Neighborhood Blogger: Sarah Bacon of the Richmond District Blog of San Francisco

In this series, we learn about San Francisco neighborhoods from local experts: bloggers. Sarah Bacon, founder of the The Richmond District Blog of San Francisco and a Richmond District native, explains why her neighborhood offers more than Golden Gate Park, museums, and a whole lot of fog.

When and why did you start the blog?

I started it in May of 2009. I grew up in this ZIP Code, then later I moved back into the neighborhood and felt like I never knew what was going on. I'd hear about an event after the fact. I started digging around and thought, “I should do a blog.” I guess I fantasize that I'm a journalist, which I'm not. I went for it, and people seemed to respond, and it took off from there.

Has the blog drawn the community together? After a recent round of violence, for example, it seemed from some of the comments that people were going to your blog to learn and share feelings about it.

I definitely have some passionate readers. I've gotten comments like, “I really feel like I live somewhere now.” I think it was something the neighborhood needed. It's not my full-time job, so sometimes when I don't go to something, people will say, “Why didn't you cover this?”

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