Mike Doughty and His Book of Drugs Promise No Apologies

Mike Doughty will be at the Swedish American Hall on Tuesday, but don't expect any Soul Coughing. He's in town to promote his new memoir The Book of Drugs. If the book about some rough years is consistent with Doughty's demeanor, we're not expecting any apologies — or self-congratulation.

“I think I came into it wanting to tell an addiction story without any bad-assery. I think most addicts aren't like, you know, bloody-fisted, thrown-in-and-out-of-jail, bad-asses. My story is kind of like, I'm Buster Keaton as a dope fiend,” Doughty last week told our sister publication, Denver Westword.

Doughty's drug-addled years in Soul Coughing are behind him. He's not so inclined to play the old classics, but he'll thank you for asking. The show does feature his solo work, though. And his “question jar” engages the audience (and inspired a 2012 live release). See a bit of that hysteria in the video clip below.

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