Mission Dolores Acquires … a Human

Can cultural institutions acquire people?

Cultural institutions in San Francisco continually search for new acquisitions. Alexis Coe brings you the most important, often wondrous, sometimes bizarre, and occasionally downright vexing finds each week.

Can cultural institutions acquire people?

According to Andrew Galvan, the only mission curator who is a descendant of the very men and women who worked — and died — at a California mission, the answer is an emphatic yes.

No one can accuse this series of wanting for diversity. Since January, Recent Acquisitions has introduced readers to the arrival of nearly 20 entities, including endangered animals, modern art, a pneumatic vibrator, a flax cloak, and a 3-inch disc that promises to save humanity. These are kinds of things I have come to expect from Bay Area cultural institutions. But the only entities we've featured that have had a heartbeat also had a snout or tentacles.

Let us introduce you to Vincent Medina.

“He is a living database that is our most valuable acquisition at Mission Dolores,” asserted Galvan, who oversees California's oldest Roman Catholic Church.

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