More Details About Karl the Fog’s Forthcoming Book

Karl the Fog (the book) comes out on May 7, which is right around the time that Karl the Fog (the atmospheric phenomenon) is due to return.

The Bay Area’s favorite anthropomorphized airborne event, Karl the Fog, is known for pithy send-ups of Northern Californians’ quirky relationship with our mild climate and for the occasional political zinger. Fans of the Twitter and Instagram accounts, with their 355,000 and 242,000 followers, now have another reason to love, um, him. He’s getting a book!

On May 7, Chronicle Books will release Karl the Fog ($14.95), a compendium of selfies — which is to say, nature shots and artistic spreads of the city — leavened by the occasional groaner pun. Announced last week, we finally have some more details as of this morning — although the creator of the Karl the Fog social-media accounts remains a mostly anonymous individual who lives in Silicon Valley and otherwise keeps details under wraps.

(Chronicle Books)

It’s essentially a coffee table book showing a lot of love for various city landmarks. Knowing that the bone-chilling assassin of warm afternoons in Dolores Park elicits mixed reactions from S.F. dwellers, its physical cover is a “removable cloud.” None other than Sutro Tower wrote the foreword, too!

Beloved to the point that schoolchildren assemble elaborate Golden-Gate-Bridge-shrouded-in-Karl group costumes, Karl the Fog is sure to be a hit. Except maybe among tormented tourists shivering in line for the Alcatraz ferry.

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