Murals of Terror: The Spookiest Street Art in San Francisco

Some of these are legitimately horrifying, honestly. (We're looking at you, Nychos.)

San Francisco has many large-scale public art works of note, from Rigo’s One Tree on the corner of 10th and Bryant streets to Brian Barneclo’s chocolate-brown Systems, which runs 600 feet along the curved Caltrain alignment. Others, like BiP’s No Ceiling, are both large and inspiring. (It depicts a young girl flexing a powerful bicep, tattooed with area codes 415 and 510.) But many of them are outright terrifying. For Halloween, we present some of the best.

Don’t Fear the Reefer! (near the Alemany Farmers Market)

Could that light be any more weirdly placed in the eye socket? (Sycamore Street, off Valencia).

Not technically a mural, but whoa.

The knife, the bloody spatters — it’s all scary, but who is that ominous figure in what looks to be a rearview mirror at the Hangman’s right? (Clarion Alley)

You can never have too many demons. Sick headdress, tho.

This one’s cheating a little, because it’s off Mandela Parkway in Oakland, but it looks as though John Carpenter re-shot the Star Wars cantina scene with ghoulies.


The mutant version of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid is having a major ocular crisis undah da sea, somewhere in that liminal zone between Bernal Heights and Hunters Point.

This is Nychos again. X-Ray of a Wolf turns the predator into the prey. (SF Mural Arts)

More Nychos, this time in the Lower Haight.

Three-card monte in the middle of a tornado?!? You’ll never win, pal. Keep your hard-earned money.

Watch out!

Which ones did we miss? Let us know!

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