Nancy Pelosi Will Be a Judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race

The former (and future?) Speaker of the House joins Kristin Chenoweth, Tituss Burgess, and Emma Bunton when All Stars debuts Thursday, Jan. 25.

The Library of Congress is open.

San Francisco’s 11-term congressional representative, former Speaker of the House, subject of attack ads nationwide, and woman who literally could not tell James Corden one positive attribute about Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi will be a celebrity judge on Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars when it debuts next Thursday, Jan. 25.

She joins a bunch of other famous faces, including Titus Burgess, Kristin Chenoweth, Marc Jacobs, Adam Lambert, Vanessa Williams, and Emma Bunton (perhaps better known as Baby Spice). Will she awkwardly play along with catchphrases she doesn’t entirely understand, or will she bang a gavel to indicate that Trixie Mattel does, in fact, slay? Either way, Pelosi has put up with more than a minor rebellion in her minority caucus during the Trump presidency, so she has nothing to #RuPaulogize for.

It’d be pretty cool if she learned a few things and started getting really confrontational with Paul Ryan, like all “Not today, Satan” when he tries to gut Medicaid.

But you know who’d make a great judge, too? Rep. Maxine Waters. Just sayin’.

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