Nato's Comedy Picks: Moshe Kasher, Will Weldon, Nate Craig

Happy Hanukkah! You can ask yourselves the questions that we ask in my family while we fry latkes and spin the dreidel. Is Hanukkah a real Jewish holiday or a pitiful answer to Christmas and/or Winter Solstice? Is it the only major holiday celebrating a guerrilla uprising? Were the Maccabees inspiring for the devotion to the Jewish faith or were they ancient fanatics, basically a Jewish antecedent to ISIS? Are latkes delicious enough that we don't want to think too hard about any of this? (Yes on that last one.)

Fortunately, I've got your Hanukkah gift right here: COMEDY.

Oakland's own Moshe Kasher returns to the Punchline Wednesday to Saturday for six shows. Even though Moshe started out here, don't take him for granted. He's one of the best and most prolific comics working today. He'll be in the next season of Transparent, in Zoolander 2, and Comedy Central's Another Period. He has TWO popular podcasts—The Champs and the Hound Tall Discussion Series. 

Moshe is highbrow and lowbrow at once. He's a master of crowd work. He has lived a crazy life (as his book says, he was a criminal, drug addict, and mental patient before he turned 16), and has the craft to tell the tale.

On Wednesday, Will Weldon will be at Doc's Lab. Will is a handsome divorced Canadian who is very angry. He's funny in a way that gives the impression that he could come unhinged at any point. He unloads righteous indignation on the world at every turn. I like white guys who use their privilege for good.

These recommendations and others air every Tuesday on KALW 91.7fm public radio during FSFSF

If Moshe isn't enough for you by himself, you can also see me performing with Moshe all this week. Or join my haters on twitter @natogreen.

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