Nato's Comedy Picks: Sketchfest Week 2 Brent Weinbach & Janine Brito

It's hardly week two of Sketchfest, and I'm already exhausted. There's a show for every style and interest during the festival. My personal preference is go see specific comics rather than themed shows, but it's all great and a lot of stuff is sold out already so don't delay. Here are my picks for this week.

[jump] Brent Weinbach has four shows this weekend. Brent was the godfather of alternative comedy in the Bay Area. Locally, he pioneered doing comedy shows in music venues and built his own fan base. It wasn't just clever marketing, he was great and totally unique. Brent's comedy is absurdist and visceral. He commits fully to silly ideas. I love Brent's standup, but I really want to see what he does on Kevin Allison's excellent RISK storytelling show. RISK is all about telling true personal stories. In contrast, here's Brent explaining how to say penis in different languages:

Janine Brito is also back this week. Janine and I have toured the country together. She started in St Louis, came up in the Bay, moved to New York and wrote for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell on FX, and is now in LA. Janine has way of speaking that's totally unique, and brings incredible visual images, narrative, and characterization to her comedy. When she's famous, open mic comics will copy her. In addition to Sketchfest shows on Friday and Saturday, she's joining me for a KALW Public Radio Comedy Showcase on Monday Martin Luther King Day at Doc's Lab

Also on the Sketchfest schedule, I'd say try to catch shows from hilarious comics who don't perform here often like John Fugelsang, Beth Stelling, Matt Braunger, and Bobcat Goldthwait. Heck, if you need a break from Sketchfest, head to Oakland to see Seattle's Chad Goller-Sojourner in his one-man show “Riding in Cars with Black People and Other Newly Dangerous Acts” at Solespace.

You can hear my comedy recommendations on KALW here or every Tuesday at 4:40pm.

Or you can come to Doc's Lab on Monday to see me host an awesome lineup for KALW public radio that includes Janine Brito, Chris Thayer, Kurt Weitzmann, David Gborie, Emily Epstein White, Trevor Hill, Matt Lieb, and Clare O'Kane. 

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