Nato's Comedy Picks: Todd Glass at Doc's Lab

Some people have holiday parties to go to, but I can't deal. It's too much mingling in a compressed time period for me. I'd prefer if the annual holiday parties were spaced throughout the year, as a reasonable accommodation to my intermittent Asperger's. 

This week, my live comedy recommendation is about a master of the craft. Todd Glass is doing four shows at Doc's Lab in North Beach on Friday and Saturday nights, and I'm excited to open for him. I met Todd a few years ago at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and we've worked together a few times since. Since he rarely performs here, we talked about me helping him come to San Francisco, and it took awhile but I'm glad it finally worked out.

[jump] Recently, Patton Oswalt tweeted that Todd is “one of the best comedians alive.” Todd is pure funny. I spend all my energy perfecting my high-brow social criticism, and then Todd does a bit about bad breath that slays me. 

He's been touring his new book about coming out of the closet as a gay man 30 years into his comedy career. He came out on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, an event that, among other things, enshrined that show as the public square of the comedy community.

Here's Todd's appearance on The Daily Show last year, talking about how he would hide his identity in his standup:

And here's Todd before he came out, doing the very thing he was discussing, and also being hilarious.

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