NBC's Rosemary's Baby: French Twist on a Classic Chiller

On Sunday night, the Peacock network unveils its reimagined version of Rosemary's Baby — the seminal 1968 horror classic which brought respectability, including an Oscar for co-star Ruth Gordon, to the often maligned horror genre.

At the time horror films were often considered cinema's “poor relation,” and were considered strictly drive-in fare. Director Roman Polanski, the then darling of the art house set, surprised and mesmerized moviegoers by creating a character-driven mood piece completely devoid of the shocks often associated with the genre. The end result was unnerving.

Polanski's Rosemary's Baby went on to become not only a horror classic, but one of cinema's all time greats.

Will NBC's reimagining — as the network calls its new, four-hour film — cut the muster, or will fans of the original reject it?

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