Nightmare Date No. 4: Forced to “Fake It” in a Way I'd Never Considered

This is a date I've never talked about. Some dates are not so much bad as downright disturbing. This is one such date. It happened about seven years ago in San Luis Obispo, where I lived at the time. It happened with someone I met online. Now, online dating always scared me, but so many people I knew reported great experiences, so I tried out Yahoo Personals.

Enter Michael, as I will call him. Michael was excellent on paper: He was an accountant, he was attractive, and our phone conversations were amazing. We decided to meet during the week — we couldn't wait for the weekend to meet in person. He arrived at my house and off to dinner we went. Things at dinner were fine. We talked of history and art, among other things. He was such a prince.

Early on, I did begin to notice he was a bit intense about things between us, but at that point I thought he was being cute and romantic. We went back to my house, and things got weird.

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